As a essential business we are currently open but starting Tuesday May 11th Rome General Lumber, Lou's Bargain Barn and Classic Kitchen and Bath Design Center will be changing hours to 7:30-4:00 Monday - Friday and Saturday 9:00-1:00 and closed Sunday. Customers can continue to come into the store or call in orders for pick up or delivery. These changes are all about prioritizing the health and safety of our employees and customers. We are all in this together and we will get thought this, Stay Safe.

Who we are


Lou’s Bargain Barn is a spin off company of Rome General Lumber. Where we provide quality building materials at exceptionally low prices. Along with personal service you wont find anywhere else.
In 1990 we realized we had a great opportunity to offer much lower prices on product close outs, discontinued, and factory surplus than we could thru our parent company Rome General Lumber opened in 1944.

We search the net and have many connections that offer the deals to us at unheard of prices and we buy in big quantity and pass these savings to our customers.

The majority of what we sell is FIRST QUALITY merchandise, we constantly purchase over stock and surplus directly from the manufacture we also find seconds, display items, and slightly damaged products all at ridiculously low prices.

Since we are connected to Rome General Lumber we can sometimes match items that are in our Lou’s Bargain Barn stock with Rome General Lumber stock. For example: we may have two windows in the Bargain Barn but can get you one more from our General Lumber stock to match.

WE sell roofing,vinyl siding,entrance door units exterior and interior doors, windows, decking, cabinets, counter tops, flooring.

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